AEBECI Pastoral Team
AEBECI is a church association run by a national team that ensures harmony between the actions of member churches. This team is known as the National Board. It is run by a president who is elected. Once elected, he forms a bureau that attends him in his different tasks during a period of 3 years. The team members are spread all over the whole national territory in the different churches and regularly meet for ordinary work sessions. Nevertheless, they may meet extraordinarily if need occurs. The current National Board, managed by the President KEO KOGNON is composed of 12 members whose names are as follow:
1 President KEO Kognon Korhogo
2 Vice-president SORO Dognan Ferké
3 General Treasurer TUO Seydou Korhogo
4 Assistant Treasurer SILUE Klotioloma Abidjan
5 Accountable for Training SORO Soungalo Abidjan
6 Deputy Head for Training SORO Ngana Korhogo
7 Accountable for Missionary Action YEO Abdoulaye Korhogo
8 Deputy Head of the Missionary Action SEKONGO Mèfonga Daloa
9 Accountable for Social Action TOURE Yéfien Katiola
10 Deputy Head for Social Action FOFANA Lamissa Dabakala
11 Accountable for the Organization COMBALA François Bouaké
12 Deputy Head of the Organization SORO Doulaye Jacques Mankono

pastoral Team

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