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The mission of AEBECI shows its commitment to operate social actions as to bear witness to the love of GOD. Thus, several training structures work so as to perform a greater rate of national education. So this is just to fight against illiteracy. Some baptist schools have therefore been built and intended to this task. As if to quote, there are the Groupe Scolaire Baptiste Sion (Korhogo) – Tiékélézo (Korhogo), Ecole primaire baptiste de Dianra, Ecole primaire baptiste d’Abobo Banco Antioche (ABIDJAN), le centre baptiste de formation feminin de Cocody (Korhogo), and le college baptiste de Koumasi (Abidjan).
Many other schools are under construction or they start out slowly, but all these initiatives reflect the church’s commitment to support the country in search of knowledge for its citizens.
Baptist schools’ session of AEBECI, held from thursday 01 to Sunday 14 July, 2013, in Korhogo aimed at implementing the project “one city, one school”. Meetings are still being regularly held to resume this project. The last meeting for this purpose aimed at harmonizing teachings at the national level through a common model and comform to to the State standards.