Eglise baptiste Koko

Sundays’ School (SUN-SCHOOL) is a structure of AEBECI, accountable for the supervision and training of children in AEBECI. As the name suggests, this structure is a school of Bible study for children but also aims at improving children physically, socially and scholastically. SUN-SCHOOL works so as to ensure a secure future for today’s Church and at the same time organise the church of tomorrow. The first (1st) Sunday in October each year is selected as the official date to resume the Sundays’ schools. Very dynamic, this structure has convinced many people because of children’s performance during the various ceremonies in churches, with the backdrop, a strong biblical teaching.

Recently, some initiatives at the national level aim at harmonizing the teachings of Sundays’ schools and providing them with the necessary equipment. The national coordinators as far as Abdramane Soro and Soro Nahoua Bernard are concerned focus on a dynamism that leaves no child apart, for every life is precious to our God.

The supervision of children is done according to a breakdown by levels or classes on the main ground of age with a specificity on the grade level and knowledge of the Word of God by the child.
A new census is running in various Sundays’ schools, aiming to release a clearer count to match resources to needs.