La JAEBECI National Camp j aebeci 2015 in Yamoussoukro


J-AEBECI is the institution of young people of the evangelical Baptist church members of AEBECI. It deals with the spiritual guidance of youth in cooperation with local churches. Its purpose is to ensure unity, edification, preaching the Gospel, and social affairs.

At the very beginning, it is about a college movement that consists of young Christians known as Biblical Collegians’ Groups (BCG) . After a course, the General Assembly (from 21 to 23 July, 1986) chose the name UJBECI.

And it will eventually be the XVIth ordinary congress held from 21 to 23 August, 2009 at Lycée Mamie Adjoua of Yamoussoukro. This congress will lead to the implementation of the will of the Church by renaming UJBECI which became J-AEBECI, that is to say: the Youth of the Association of the Evangelical Baptists Churches of Côte d’Ivoire, as it would take into account the idea of association rather than of union.

Today, thousands of young people are identified in J-AEBECI. Currently headed by President Silué Konan Nifo, J-AEBECI is visible wherever the need occurs; meetings of Bible study, camps, the couples’ and young girls’ retreats, relaxation and edification parties, game competitions , competitions, moments of prayer, etc.
On the agenda of the youth, there is still a number of projects mentioned such as: space Multimedia Bezalel , furniture of J-AEBECI site, an agropastoral FARM , CAFE , etc.
AEBECI is proud to have such a youth even though the mission field is very broad and requires ever more engaged youth for Christ to be seen and accepted by many people.
J-AEBECI , celebrated its 40th , anniversary in 2015 and is supposed to be a youth of reference for a church of Jesus that meets various expectations “ History jaebeci
Contact J-AEBECI:
Cel: +225 03 07 05 90
Cel: +225 07 79 06 27
01 BP 11332 Abidjan 01