Réseau des 100

The context of setting up the R100 ( The 100’s Network) is according to its initiator, President Keo, the will for AEBECI to get its financial autonomy. During a conference of R100 at Riviera III’s Church in 2012, he said that the AEBECI is in a period of transition between the support from the US mission who founded it and its financial autonomy. Therefore, the question that arises is how can it be dependent on itself?

And trips of the man of God in Senegal and the United States will be for him an encouragement. He suggests that a group of people should be created, composed of at least one hundred (100) volunteer faithful, who will constantly pay ten thousand (10,000) francs CFA per month to support the AEBECI and local churches, hence the name ‘R100’ . The group is led by a committee of coordination and is governed by texts, and it is registered at the State Department of Côte d’Ivoire. The R100 has set the following objectives:

  • Funding AEBECI’s projects and structures)
  • Support the operation of AEBECI
  • Assistance in project management

The R100 had set out to communicate its existence and its well-founded and to recruit its hundredth member by the end of 2012, the greatest late.

After several years in operation, we note among others the splendid project to equip the AEBECI with a head office in Abidjan. The building of undisputed architectural beauty is under construction in the town of Riviera III.
While remaining open to the accession of additional members, the R100 is a real movement of volunteers that provides the AEBECI the essential conditions for national and international development.
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