The Investment and Development Fund of AEBECI was created by the current board members. So important to the eye of President Keo , it consists in supporting and boosting the evolution of our church at the national and even international level. Henceforth the famous FID is a contribution of each faithful to back up the implementation of socio-educational and economic projects to ensure the church a palpable progress.
Among its goals, the FID supports districts or communities in the establishment of private educational schools, etc. As you might guess, the FID is a double advantage for AEBECI:

  1. It equips AEBECI with socio-educational and economic infrastuctures
  2. It provides jobs for young people in our churches, according to the needs and the qualification.

Once a year, every believer must pay a contribution of 1,000 francs CFA to the account of the FID. If we consider the official figure of forty thousand (40,000) faithful , the FID aims at mobilizing forty million (40 000 000) per year. Launched several years ego, this fund is experiencing a success that must be recognized although all the faithful are not so far engaged to respect this commitment. And the national board of AEBECI as well as the local churches seize any opportunity to remember the faithful to pay 1,000 CFA, the yearly contribution for a stronger and more developed AEBECI as the reference verse says« He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness » 2 Cor 9V10