12eme-promo-ibb12th promotion of Institut Biblique Bethèl (IBB).

The Bethel Bible school IBB is the spearhead of biblical training in the AEBECI. This structure is run by Director Kéo Kognon and Deputy Director Silué Metanhan, both pastors. IBB, is in charge of training pastors who will in turn teach the faithful of the Church. Settled in Korhogo (Téguéré), IBB trains promotions of pastors to meet the challenges that arise. The teachings are performed in French as well as in local languages (Senoufo, Bambara). With a great capacity, IBB receives student pastors who are trained in four (04) years and go on the ground for practical training before taking the total function. However, IBB notices that the number of student pastors received is far below its capacity and the church’s needs. Appeals are regularly launched to encourage the redeemed of Christ to join BBS and receive this teaching as the calling occurs.