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    National Board j-aebeci

    LIST OF MEMBERS BEN N° NOMS ET PRENOMS CONTACTS FONCTION AU BEN 1 SILUE Konan Nifo 03 07 05 90 Président 2 COULIBALY Pégnolé 07 79 06 27 1er Vice-président 3 A. Jean Jaurès 01 73 40 08 2 e Vice-président 4 COULIBALY T. Pierrette 05 03 24 21 Secrétaire Général 5 FOFANA K. Antoine…

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    SUNDAY SCHOOLS_final Communiqué_ REPORT OF THE SEMINAR OF LIABILITY FOR SUNDAY SCHOOLS 1 AND 3 OF COMMISSION SEATS SUN-SCHO AEBECI (1) confession of faith brief historical j-aebeci Baptist Hospital presentation Ferké vision 2013_2016 1 AND 3 OF COMMISSION SEATS SUN-SCHO AEBECI

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    Health centers aebeci Baptist Mission

    The different health centers of the Baptist mission aebeci In the city of Ferké, Customs district on Ferké Ouangolo-axis, Baptist Hospital Ferkessédougou (HBF) was opened in 1952 following the decree of recognition of the colonial government No. 2164 of October 17, 1952. -Establishment Denominational, non-profit, the Hospital was authorized by Decree No. 98-379 of 30…

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    The laying of the first foundation stone of the regional headquaters of AEBECI, The plea of Pastor KEO Long announced on social networks, the ceremony of the first foundation stone laying of the regional headquarters of AEBECI took place on Sunday, 23 February from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.. Over 90 faithful came mainly from…

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    Radio de proximité SINAÏ Siège social Korhogo

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    the national anthem of the j-aebeci.

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    The eve of chrismas at Abobo Banco Antioche