Southside District (Abidjan)

There are ten (10) districts of AEBECI in whole, at national level. They choose some groupings of local churches, based on geographical and administrative locations for a good coordination action of AEBECI. It is a good strategy that is based on AEBECI association’s statute. AEBECI’s (10) districts encompass in whole 463 communities led by 112 (one hundred and twelve) pastors, according to the President of AEBECI during his national tour in 2013.

While it is clear that all districts of AEBECI are active enough, the southern’s is supposed to be a reference.
The Southern District is only the city of Abidjan. As if to name it, it is now called ‘District of Abidjan’; this matches better with its geographical area and so with its reality. To date, there are seven (07) Churches (Abobo-Banco, PK 18, Adjamé, Riviera, Koumasi, Yopougon Nouveau Bureau, Yopougon Lycée Technique) and a number of annexes Bocabo and Anyama (Abobo), Bingerville (Riviera) , Annex of Adjamé and Port Bouet.
AEBECI district of Abidjan is headed by a board whose President is Pastor Valy, Pastor of the Church of PK 18 (2015).

An attentive observation allows to argue that it is now time of projects in Southern District. Two of these leading projects are:

  • Temple construction projects: This project is mostly focused on the action of the churches in Abidjan. If it is clear that after a significant period of existence, AEBECI churches in Abidjan are badly parcelled out in terms of places of worship, the current tendency seems willing to catch up. Thus, a number of churches have projects of construction ready, and churches are progressivevely being built here and there, namely at ABOBO Banco, at Adjamé, or embellished as the church of 18 PK or of Yopougon, etc. And it would be indiscreet to suspect such enterprises in most other AEBECI communities of Abidjan (Riviera, Kumasi, etc.
  • The project of implementation annexes: This project is a result of two combined factors: the growth of our communities and their willingness to extend. A historical review allows to remember that Abobo Banco’s community, one of the great churches to date, is a daughter of the church of Adjamé by the time it was implemented. And that of PK 18 later be a product of Abobo-banco’s.
    Today, the circus is not broken off. Each church extends to the more converts in the most inhabited city of the country. The examples are legion. At Abobo-Banco for example, two annexes are being held (Bocabo and Anyama). Rivera now has an annex to Bingerville …

All institutions of AEBECI are working to prevent our church in Abidjan from turning below the development average of the city and all the faithful agree that the battle remains long, dangerous but also exciting. Consequently, it is because the Bible reassures that “with God we shall do valiantly” Psalm 60 v 14.

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