Brief history of aebeci

Anxious to collaborate and to mutually participate in the actions of evangelization and spiritual edification, the Baptist Churches in Northern Côte d’Ivoire resulting from the Baptist Mission in Côte d’Ivoire called MBCI that has felt very early the need to come together in a religious association: AEBN.
This Association was founded in 1965 and its headquarter was established in KORHOGO.

In 1976, the FECI, to which AEBN belongs as a member, authorized all member denominations to freely settle in all parts of the country by decision of its General Assembly.
Therefore, AEBN adapted itself to the new situation and became AEBCI.

In 1988, face to the emergence of other Baptist communities with different doctrine of their own, the Baptist Churches from the MBCI, with the intention to avoid any confusion, decided to add the word “Evangéliques” to “Eglises Baptistes.” So it became AEBECI.

To be more stringent about the exact details, we relate in the table below the sequence of events that will lead to the AEBECI in its current presentation.


0 The Birth of Jesus Christ
30 The Beginning of Jesus’ Ministry
33 Death and resurrection of Jesus
54 The Burning of the City of Rome and the First Great Persecution (Néron)
70 The Destruction of Jerusalem and the Exile of the Jews
313 The Conversion of Emperor Constantine and of Edit from Milan
380 Christianity, the Official Religion of the Roman Empire
476 The Destruction of the City of Rome by the Barbarians
607 The Early Establishment of the Popedom and the Catholic System
1450 The Invention of Printing Works by Gutenberg
1517 Beginning of the Protestant Reformation with Martin Luther
1525 Early Anabaptist movement in Switzerland
1609 The First Baptist congregation in Holland (founded by the Anabaptists and the English Puritans)
1612 The First Baptist Denomination in England
1639 The First Baptist Church in America
1650 First association of Baptist churches in America
1670 Adoption of  the seven Baptist principles
1931 Roseberry, a Missionary of the Protestant Mission (CMA) travels to Ferkessédougou, to Korhogo, to Boundiali and to Tingrela in Cote d’Ivoire to notice the spiritual condition of the sénoufo people
1941 Ityo in the area of Dabakala traveled to Bouaké where she heard the Gospel and became a Christian. She returned home and announced the Good News. More than 400 people were converted because of her faithfulness and her testimony
1943 The birth of the Missionary Society (Conservative Baptist of Foreign Mission Society) CBFMS
1947 The arrival of Pastor Robert Welch as the first missionary of CBFMS in Cote d’Ivoire
1951 The first baptism (Zamblé Koné) to the Senoufo people, in Boundiali resulting from the work of Baptist misionnaries in Cote d’Ivoire.
1965 The organization of the Association Northern Baptist Churches was renamed the Association of Baptist Churches in Cote d’Ivoire in 1976. “Evangeliques” was added in 1988, and from AEBN it became AEBECI

The end of this route is an appeal to everyone, to continue this work by writing a page from brilliant life of the church through his faith and his commitment to God’s work. Let us remember that Paul wrote « I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth … and each will receive his wages own according to his labor » 1 Corinthians 3 verse 6-8.

Administrator: Siriki Namogo Yéo.

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