The Association of Baptist Evangelical Churches of Côte d’Ivoire (ABECCI), in all its components, is pleased to welcome you on its official website. As the name suggests, we are an Association of baptist Churches, whose mission is to regain the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in Côte d’Ivoire and beyond its territory.
At the national level, the ABECCI count in all ten (10) districts. They appoint local church groups, based on geographical and administrative situations for a good coordination of the action of the AEBECI. It is a device that aligns the status of association which is that of the ABECCI. The ten (10) districts have in total 463 communities, led by one hundred and twelve (112) pastors, as the President of the AEBECI said during his national tour in 2013.



Summary table of the districts aebeci
No District Nbr église/district
Total 463
1 Korhogo 147
2 Mankono 64
3 Boundiali 55
4 Ferké 50
5 Dabakala 45
6 Daloa 36
7 Katiola 32
8 Sud 14
9 Centre 9
10 San-pedro 8

Laying the foundation stone of the regional office of the AEBECI

Advocacy Pastor KEO (President AEBECI):

Long announced on social networks, the ceremony of laying the first stone of the regional headquarters of the AEBECI took place on Sunday 23 February from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.. Over 90 faithful came mainly from ABIDJAN AEBECI Churches stormed the headquarters of the passage of the mission house, located in the Riviera 3.

Interventions mainly oriented around those of Pastor Kognon KEO (President AEBECI), missionary and brother BÂ Souleymane Coulibaly Azaria (Head of R100 projects). The president of the AEBECI unveiled the strategic importance of the project for AEBECI and Churches of Abidjan. He, therefore, pleaded with churches, structures AEBECI, mission and all the faithful to a commitment to provide financial and material help for the project.

Brother Azariah presented the building that should break ground soon and the stages of its implementation. DESK The company was selected following a tender, he stressed. It is a building R + 1 which will soon be the pride of the AEBECI community. Building costs amounted to 50 million. To this must be added the renovation of the old building, estimated at 7,000,000.

The missionary Souleymane, after briefly trace the history of the house passage of the mission, reassured the participants of the full and irreversible adhesion of the mission to that project.

After these interventions, laying the first stone was effective. The representative of the company DESK, Mr. Elie Soro, said that his team is ready for the start of work.

Note that a plug engagement was distributed to the faithful to seek voluntary contributions. Indiscretions noted that some of the faithful had a hand in the pocket, on the spot.

Our thanks to all the participants at the AEBECI, the R100 and the Baptist Mission.

Soon for the inauguration!